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Timmerman Attends Great Lakes Leadership Seminar

Hosted by the FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Great Lakes Leadership Seminar consisted of a 40 hour training class where they dove into numerous topics including Administrative Issues, Behavioral Analysis/Active Shooter, Officer Wellness, Polygraphs, Media Matters & Implicit Bias. Timmerman sat in on a presentation by motivational speaker Paul Butler, former officer from South Carolina, who spoke on "Leadership for a Lifetime."

The attendees had a banquet on Thursday evening, where FBI Director, Christopher Wray, was in attendance. Wray spoke with the class about current issues in law enforcement and the FBI role in assisting state and local agencies. Timmerman had the opportunity to make numerous contacts with other members in Law Enforcement and learned valuable tools to assist in his job.

The training was held in Buffalo, New York and consisted of agencies from Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh divisions.

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